Europistan Orders Hungary And Poland To Accept More “Refugees”

Mass immigration from East Asia and Africa in to the countries of Westen Europe, broth dramatic and overnight demographical and cultural change’s never seen before in human history. In less than two years, entire towns and suburbans were transformed in to tribal zones. The instability and fear from many African and Asian regions, suddenly becomes reality in many places around Europe. This people are not refugees at all. Many of them comes from countries like Iran, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Algeria, Morocco, and other countries without any military clashes, war’s, or any other instability.

Even in Syria, 60% of the population lives on the 35% of the territory controlled by the Assad regime. In this area there is no military activities of any kind, nor there is any humanitarian disaster. Egypt is maybe under regime, but there is no war in the past 3 years. There is peace in Tunisia, and also in a major part of Iraq. So it’s very clear, that multi culturalists united with Soros gangs, have ambitions to change the ethnical picture of the Western World, they need new welfare suckers that would be also used as a voting machinery. That’s why welfare fanatics and multi culturalists, pushes so hard for tribalisation of the West.

Poland and Hungary, are among the countries that have protected them self from this anti cultural waves. Hungary builds a big fence, while the people from Poland openly demonstrated against uncontrolled immigration. Yet, these countries are under unnormus pressure to let a mass number of tribal welfare suckers in, or to leave the European Union. Having on mind that European Union is turning in to EUROPISTAN, it would be very smart to leave this kind of union, before it’s too late.



William Billy Campbell

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