Sweden: The Kingdom Of Welfare Under Attack

If the welfare programs reduces crime, then why poor immigrants in Rinkeby– Sweden destroys cars, attacks police, why they loot… just like the thugs in USA? For decades we’ve b$en listening the leftist demagoguery that high taxation brings peace on the street, reduces crime, by simple feeding of the useless people.  

If all this is truth, then why Sweden, the kingdom of the welfare, the state that spends like crazy on social programs, have problems like this? It’s very obvious, that the welfare can not turn the savages in to a civilized people, the welfare can not turn the terrorism in to a religion of peace” the welfare fix the cultural defects of some groups. Yeah, the mainstream media will not broadcast the failure of their welfare ideal. But the conclusion it’s very obvious: the welfare and multiculturalism…FAILED!

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William Billy Campbell

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