THE ISLAMIC RADICALISM STARTED IN 1928, When USA Was A Neutral Country! Here’s Why:

March 1928, in town Ismalia Egypt, the Islamic scholar sheik Hasan Al- Banna, together with other Islamic scholars from Egypt, started the Muslim Brotherhood, the first radical Islamic organization as we all know them today. Banna was actually very disappointed because of failure of the Ottoman Empire, the old Kalifat that existed from the Middle Century, till 1924. 

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, actually destroyed the previous Kalifat, establishing the new secular society…as we all know Republic of Turkey today. So the idea behind Muslim Brotherhood is establishing a new Kalifat, a new and big Pan-Islamic state, on the territories with majority muislim population. But in majority muslim countries there were also many Christians and Jews. So the Muslim Brotherhood lunched an idea for “fight against the infidels” in the Arab World. With this purpose, Banna and his followers formed Hammas and Hezbollah, the organizations with a goal to “clean up” the arab world from all “infidels”. In 1928 there was no the State of Israel, nor the US military bases in Saudi Arabia. USA had neutral foreign politics back then, but Hammas and Hezbollah were very active, and they still are. 

So all these nonsense that Islamic Terrorism is actual reaction on US and Israley foreign politics, are notorious lies. Islamic Terrorism is much older, and today they have global ambitions…not just in arab world. 

Muslim Brotherhood was a model for forming many others radical groups, while their teachings are behind all the terrorist attacks, that started long time before the founding of Israel and US military bases around the world.

Very important man for Muslim Brotherhood is Sayyid Qutib, islamic scolar that is also Egyptian. Sayyid Qutib, in early 1950’s, concluded that Kalifat should not be spreded only in the Arab World. The Kalifat should be ENTIRE WORLD. All the poeple should be converted in Islam, peacefully or by force…the rest should be killed, while Sharia Law should be the only law for entire man kind. Sayyid Qutib and Hasan Al-Banna, were the idols of Khomeini and Rafsadjani, the Ayatollahs that founded the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979.

The resolution of the Islamic Concil (the highest political body in Iran) says that:”The victory of global Kalifat begins with the destruction of Small Satan-Israel, and the Great Satan-US of America.” So only stupid people can guess why Iran needs the nuclear weapons. That’s why they fight for! The goal of Islamic Radicalism is not closing down the US military bases in Middle East, their goal is the destruction of entire civilization that we live in. In the fight between civilization and barbarism, civilization must prevail by any cost…or get ready for re-primitivisation of the world.

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    William Billy Campbell

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