Different Us Presidents Banned The Entrance Of Different People Throughout History. Here They Are:

May 6 1882, President Chester Arthur signed a ban for entrance of all Chinese for 10 years. During this period, there was a big hunger in the middle China, so it was mass immigration from China to foreign countries, especially on the US west coast. President Teddy Roosevelt banned anarchists in 1902, and he banned the entrance of all Muslims in 1907. US president F.Roosevelt in December 1941, signed the proclamation 2525 and actually banned the entrance of all citizens from Germany, Italy and Japan. While all the people from these countries that were already in US, could not proceed their procedure for naturalization. President Jimmy Carter banned the entrance of all Iranians in 1979. President Ronald Reagan banned the entrance of all HIV positive people in US. So the ban for entrance of certain people is not something new, and is not something invented by the administration of Donald Trump. It is normal and standard procedure, according the US constitution code 1182, and it is very useful in the times when the security f US citizens in under question…like today.   William Billy Campbell

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