Officially Confirmed: Hillary Received Votes From Noncitizens!

Right after the elections, there were numerous of informations about noncitizens that voted for Hillary Clinton. Alex Jones and Milo Yanopulos announced these informations, while the leftist’s media sad that there is no evidence about these accusations. Hillary Clinton took more popular votes, while Donald Trump became president because of the Electoral College.


This idea was widely used by the leftist’s media. Civil rights activist John Lewis, and many others, publicly announced that Trump is not a legitimate president, while in same time, numerous of protests were launched by the slogan NOT MY PRESIDENT. However, the political scientist from University Old Dominion in Norfolk, Virginia, prof.Jasse Richman, made research on this issue. The results show that 6,4% of 20 million illegal immigrants voted on these elections, 81% of them voted for Hillary Clinton.

This means that Hillary Clinton received 834.831 votes from illegal immigrants. Yeah, she definitely has more popular votes, but it’s fair enough to add that large number of them are illegals. Why electoral college is good for US… is a subject for other discussionn.

William Billy Campbell

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