The Florida Killer is NOT Esteban Santiago, but AASHIQ HAMMAD

  His shouting “La ilaha illAllah”(There is no God but Allah) during his bloody carnage on Florida Airport, was not covered by mainstream media, nor his real name. As for mental illness, that is now the default cover for Islam. It was “lone wolf” until the number of ‘lone wolves’ made the narrative ridiculous and absurd. Now Islam is a mental illness. Fort Lauderdale Airport terrorist Esteban Santiago registered on MySpace under the name “Aashiq Hammad” and recorded Islamic religious music on the site, 3 years before he ever deployed to Iraq as a U.S. soldier, destroying the lying mainstream media’s narrative that he was just a mentally disturbed veteran and that “Islam had nothing to do with it.” Here’s how we know all that: A search of public records database Nexis reveals that Puerto Rican Esteban Santiago has a brother named Bryan Santiago and two e-mails registered to his name: The second e-mail, “”, is how GotNews exclusively visually identified Santiago before every mainstream media outlet and discovered he was posting on an explosives/weapons forum about mass-downloading Islamic terrorist propaganda videos in 2007 yesterday. Today, we discovered the first e-mail, “”, in the MySpace database that was leaked earlier this year. This is the raw data we found:

The middle entry “aashiqhammad” can be added to the MySpace URL to discover the profile that was registered to the e-mail address “”. Sure enough, Esteban Santiago registered a MySpace account under the name “Aashiq Hammad”: “Aashiq Hammad” lists Penuelas, Puerto Rico as his location, just like Esteban Santiago’s records in Nexis. And take a look at the three songs recorded by “Aashiq Hammad.” The first one is titled “La ilaha illAllah”, which is Arabic for “There is no God but Allah,” and the first half of the Muslim declaration of faith, the Shahadah:

Click here and see his music archive

The song “La ilaha illAllah” by “aashiq” is indeed just an Arabic recitation of the Muslim declaration of faith “There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his messenger.” We recorded the song and you can download and listen to it for yourself here.    


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