Green fascists won in North Dakota?

After a long time of struggle with completely irrational explanation (defending of the local Indian secret springs) green maniacs, supported by Soros gangs, and a local tribe, could take victory against DAP (Dakota Access Pipeline). Yesterday, the case was turned to a federal judge for a new permission. Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) the company that builds the project, had stopped all the working activities near Standing Rock Sioux Indian reservation.

On Sunday, the federal government turned down ETP’s request for an easement that will allow it to tunnel under the Missouri River, adjacent to the Standing Rock reservation. The tribe and others hailed the victory, even though they expected the fight with the company would continue. In a legal filing on Monday, ETP asked a judge to grant the permit, saying that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in its decision, responded to “political pressure and an escalating campaign of violence and disorder waged by protesters” against the project.

b8a5db-20160818-pipeline-protestThe protests started early this year, after green NGO’s and some local people took 375.000USD from a wind farm industry to start the protest. On March 9 2016 Consolidation Ellison Development from Campbell County, North Dakota, give this group 125.000 USD. On April 2016 FAGEN Inc give 250.000 USD to the same groups. Both companies, Consolidation Ellison Development and FAGEN Inc, are subsidized by the federal government according “Green Energy” politics, so they use people’s money for buying “residence” against their competition. Dakota Access Pipeline is a private project, that works without any subsidies, and it offers cheaper energy. Moreover, they undermine US dependency on Arab Oil, that can make many Islamist’s sponsors and George Soros donors, less powerful.

So, again and again, the big picture is same. Leftists works against the American interest, using lies and stupid explanations, in favor of anti-American forces, domestic and foreign…and this time, they must be stopped. Maybe they won one battle, but not the entire war.

Viktor Trifun

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  1. I’m glad they won. 1 Can not run Mother Earth, or Water Supply because 1 company plans to do something STUPID! THE PEOPLE WON,ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE.

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